20 Dec 2018

Home of the rich and famous, Beverly Hills is known for its celebrity sightings, shopping at the most exclusive boutiques on the famous Rodeo Drive, and depictions in movies like Pretty Woman. In the early 20th century, Beverly Hills rapidly became known as  “the place” to reside of the Hollywood Elite. However, there are some things about Beverly Hills that you may not know, for instance, did you know that the Post Office offers valet parking? Oh wait, there’s more!

Home To The Most Expensive Store In The World

That’s right, the most expensive store in the world is not located in Dubai but on Rodeo Drive. That store, House of Bijan, is worth $12 million.  The average customer spends $10,000, and with socks that cost $50 and suits upwards of $15,000, it’s no wonder customers are leaving thousands of dollars lighter.

What’s more interesting are the well-known clients who shop at Mr. Bijan. Names include: President Barack Obama, Michael Jordan, Tom Ford, Jay Leno,and many others.

Beverly Hills Hotel Is The Cities First Historic Landmark

In 1912, before the city was even known as Beverly Hills, The Beverly Hills Hotel was born. A pink-stucco, Mission-style building with secluded bungalows and 12 acres of  partially covered tropical gardens –this hotel became a refuge for Hollywood denizens and visiting celebrities filming in the area. Some of the most famous American Icons stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel: Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and more.

In the late 1930s a faux beach was created with white sand imported from Arizona. Another fun fact, HotelChatter named the legendary Fountain Coffee Room’s grilled cheese as #1 on their list, Top Five Favorite Hotel Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  This photo is courtesy of “The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows – The First 100 Years” by Robert S. Anderson, Official Historian for The Beverly Hills Hotel, publication date May 2012

The World’s First Cheesecake Factory

The world’s first Cheesecake Factory opened in 1978, just one-block from Rodeo Drive.  Today the restaurant chain has of 150 hundred restaurants the largest,  located in Dubai.

Named After A Place In Massachusetts

The city was named after one of the developers childhood memories of rolling hills in Beverly Massachusetts.

“Pretty Woman” Was Filmed at Beverly Wilshire

Few would believe that at one time, one of the most popular local activities in Beverly Hills was going to the Beverly Hills Speedway. The famous Beverly Constructed in 1928, the Wilshire Hotel was located on what used to be the Beverly Hills Speedway. The famous Beverly Hills High School is constructed on land that was also once a part of the Beverly Hills Speedway.

Celebrities who attended Beverly Hills High School include: Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, David Schwimmer, Tori Spelling, and Betty White.

Our Beverly Hill’s Boutique Hotel
23 Jul 2018

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